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In 2023, we set out to cater for the changing landscape of alternative fuels, deepen our coverage of state and provincial regulations, and listened to user feedback that would make our program easier to use. We shipped 4 releases and grew the total number of markets that use our apps to 64.  As the sun sets on 2023, let’s look back at the highlights of what we shipped in the past year.

Alternative Energy Sources

The TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator now caters for alternative fuels or energy sources, including Battery-Electric, Compressed Natural Gas or CNG, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Liquified Natural Gas or LNG. This is in addition to the more traditional Diesel, Ethanol and Gasoline. Up to 2 AdBlue tanks can also be specified on your truck, and it is possible to choose whether the AdBlue is included or excluded from the chassis weight.

Steerable Lift Axles

In the past, all pusher and tag axles were treated as non-steering. Pusher and Tags can be defined as Steering or Non-Steering now.

Regulations for Ontario, Quebec and Ohio Turnpike

Infrastructure Upgrade & Ohio Turnpike

We added regulations for Canadian provincial legislation, including Ontario SPIF, Quebec and Quebec Thaw Period (la période de dégel). We also added weights and dimensions limits for the Ohio Turnpike highway.

Special Allowances for Safety Features

The program can now cater for exceptional weights and dimensions which become applicable when a vehicle is fitted with a number of safety features.

Tips to assist with Regulatory Compliance

The program now alerts you to useful information related to the current vehicle and/or the chosen regulations. This will help you to achieve compliance with regulatory requirements, but also take advantage of allowances in the regulations.

In the past, you could see from the color-coding and warnings if there were a problem, but it may not have been clear how to fix it. Now, simple tips will pop up when a change can be made to make your layout compliant. Watch out for these in the bottom left of your screen.

Increased Axle Weights for Battery-Electric Trucks

The compliance checks in the Axle Weight Calculator now cater for states and provinces which allow for increased axle weights for Battery-Electric trucks.

Exceed Width Limits

In the past, the program prevented a user from specifying the width of, for example, the body, if it would result in the limit for Overall Width being exceeded. This restriction has been removed.

More Organization Standards

We added more Organization Standards, so users can define acceptable ranges for Payload center of gravity, Swing clearance, Weight on the trailer kingpin and Utilization, for example, to understand the percentage of the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating that is currently being utilized, that is “Vehicle Gross as % of GVWR”, etc. These ‘organization standards’ can be used to flag scenarios where you may be able to use a vehicle with a lower GVWR, and potentially save money for your customers.

Application Infrastructure

Following a complete overhaul of our application infrastructure, we made significant improvements to our application security, stability and performance. The responsiveness of complex calculations, including those with imported custom drawings, was much enhanced as a result.

Multiple views in Weight Distribution Reports

Due to popular demand!, multiple views of your truck layout may now be included in PDF reports. Depending on the audience for your reports, you may wish to include a Side and Top view drawing, or a detailed Bridge view, comparing the gross weight on each axle group with the maximum permissible.

Import Larger Drawings

The restrictions on file size when importing dxf drawings have been relaxed, to allow larger files with more objects to be imported. Previously, files greater than 1MB in size were rejected by the program. Now the limit has increased to 3MB and 5000 objects.

Choosing Lift Gates and Pintle Hooks

When you’re choosing a Lift Gate or Pintle Hook / Coupler to add to your layout, you can now view the type of the available items (for example, ‘Cantilever’ or ‘Tuckaway’ Lift Gates, or ‘Underslung’ or ‘Conventional’ Coupler) in the list of available items.

Trade Shows

We need to get lots of time with our Development team to keep moving our program forward, but we also need to spend lots of time with our users to better understand their needs, both from a functionality and data point of view.

This year, we exhibited at Work Truck Week in Indianapolis IN in March, WasteExpo in New Orleans LA and Brisbane Truck Show in Queensland Australia in May, The Utility Expo in Louisville TN in September, and The Commercial Vehicle Upfitting Summit (CVUS) in Sandusky OH in October.

Looking ahead to 2024

In 2024, as well as being back at the above shows, you’ll be able to catch us at NAFA 2022 Institute & Expo in San Antonio TX in April and Public Works Expo in Atlanta GA in September.

We’ve got lots of development to work on in 2024, to respond to the ever-changing landscape of upfitting vehicles, and to respond to the valued feedback we receive from our users.  We ship a new release once per quarter or so, and we need to hear from you regarding what features you would like to see added next.

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