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The TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator now validates truck layouts against regulations for the Canadian province of Alberta. As with many jurisdictions, Alberta stipulates regulations for combinations that don’t necessarily apply country-wide.

For example, twin-steer tridem-drive straight trucks require a minimum wheelbase length that depends on the axle spread. With a tridem-drive axle spread of between 3.05 metres and 3.1 metres, the wheelbase must be a minimum of 7.9 metres.

To validate your configuration against Province of Alberta TRAFFIC SAFETY ACT COMMERCIAL VEHICLE DIMENSION AND WEIGHT REGULATION, choose “CA – Alberta Provincial” from the dropdown of Regulations under Settings > Dashboard. The regulations include Alberta Regulation 216/2022, current as of December 1, 2022.

Longer Snowplows

Alberta allows for longer vehicles when a snowplow is fitted. This is good news for plow upfitters and operators. The standard straight truck maximum length in Alberta is 12.5 metres. A vehicle that is fitted with a snowplow however may be up to 14 metres long.

The program automatically applies the longer limit when validating the length of the vehicle, if a snowplow is present.

No Wide-Spread Tandems, Pushers or Tags

Like other Western Canadian Provinces, there are no allowances for US-style ‘Wide-Spread’ tandems on semi-trailers, and no pusher or tag axles allowed. However, you may be able to compensate for this limitation by using a twin-steer chassis, and/or a tridem-drive rear axle.

The program will flag a non-compliance issue if a pusher or tag axle is added, or if a trailer rear axle spread exceeds 1850mm, when the chosen regulations are “CA – Alberta Provincial”.

Alberta, Ontario, Quebec

That brings to 3, the number of provinces for which weight and dimensions regulations are available
in TruckScience. Regulations for Ontario and Quebec were added last year, and Alberta this month.
We are already working on adding the regulations for British Columbia, so watch this space for
regulations for more provinces coming soon.

What next?

We consider all of the feedback we receive from our users when deciding which features to add next. If there is a particular province that you would like to see added next, please get in touch. Or indeed, if you have any other ideas for improving the program, please take a moment to share them with us, either via the Chat icon below right, or by emailing

We look forward to hearing from you.

Main image: PETERBILT 367 Twin-Steer Tri-Drive Vacuum Tanker, courtesy of Pinterest

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