Truck Size and Weight Compliance Scorecard

Truck Size and Weight Compliance Scorecard

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We’ve added a Size and Weight Compliance Scorecard to our Axle Weight Calculator this month.  Now, at a glance, you can see if your vehicle design complies with commercial vehicle size and weight laws.

Compliance Scorecard

Truck Size and Weight Compliance ScorecardIn the animation above, watch how changing the body position or increasing the payload turns a tick to an X, to demonstrate that the chosen regulations have been exceeded.  You can click on the name of the regulations to switch from Australia Road Transport Regulations to US Federal Size and Weight Regulations, European Community Road Transport Regulations, etc.

  • Weights checks include maximum weights for individual axles or axles groups, as well as Gross Vehicle Weight or Gross Combination Weight.
  • Dimensions checks include Overall Vehicle Length, Axle Spacing, Rear Overhang, Trailer Length, Vehicle Width and Vehicle Height
  • The vehicle’s Turning Circle is checked against the Regulation Turning Circle, that is that the combination is able to turn within a swept circle having a maximum outer radius and a minimum inner radius as stipulated by the relevant regulation.  We have a more detailed post about calculating Turning Circle here.

Override Axle Spacing

Override Axle Spacing
Now you can override axle spacing on standard manufacturer vehicles in our library, to modify the axle spread.

You may be cutting into the chassis to lengthen the section between the axles, or you may have found a vehicle in our library which is close to the one you’re working with, and just want to make a quick change to the library spec rather than requesting a new vehicle.

In the animation above, the default spacing of the rear axles (or bogie) is 51 inches.  Simply put a tick in the checkbox to indicate that you wish to override this value, make your change, and see it applied to your calculation on the fly.

Sign-off Area

Sign-off Area PDF Reports TruckScience
Some of our users told us that they had found themselves in sticky situations in the past, where a customer appeared to have agreed to a design, but no signature was on file.  We’ve added a simple Sign-off area to the PDF summary document, to capture the signature of the designer (‘Prepared By’) and the customer (‘Prepared For’).

Preview, Download or Email a PDF summary

Customize PDF reports with your company logo, your own contact details and those of your customer.  Preview and download, or email the PDF report straight to your customer.  Sharing these reports is an ideal way to promote your brand, while demonstrating your commitment to professionalism.

Download a sample Weight Distribution Report from TruckScience here.

Toggle Settings

Imperial or Metric Measurement Systems TruckScience
Change the Regulations that your design will be validated against, switch from Imperial to Metric measurement system, or change how much a field gets incremented by when you click the ‘+’ & ‘-‘ controls.  You will find all of these settings by clicking the gear icon in the Axle Weight Calculator toolbar.

Vehicles and Equipment added

This month, we’ve added vehicles to our library from Freightliner, Isuzu, Iveco, Kenworth, MACK, Peterbilt, RAM, Volvo and Western Star, as well as Dhollandia taillifts and Palfinger cranes. These were added as part of an ongoing project to add vehicle specs for the US market, and in response to requests received from users in Ireland, New Zealand and the US.  Remember that you can request vehicles, bodies and equipment to be added to our library at no cost.

What next?

We need to hear from you to prioritize the features to be added next.  Call, email or chat to let us know what you would like to see in the app.

Have a go!

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