wheelbase dimension

B-train Weight Distribution
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We’ve added the 2-trailer B-train, B-Double or ‘Interlink’ combination in today’s update to the Axle Weight Calculator. With B-Double combinations a common sight on Australian roads, this feature is just in time for our visit to the Brisbane Truck Show next week! A B-train combination consists of a truck tractor followed by 2 semi-trailers, each…

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Service Body
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Today’s update to the Axle Weight Calculator includes templates for service bodies, just in time for the Weight Calculator demos at The Work Truck Show next week! When a Service Body is added to your vehicle, you can specify Dimensions (Length, Height, Width of the body, and Depth of Left and Right Compartments, Longitudinal Frame Height and Crossmember Height), Spatial Position (Cab…

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tanker rollover
Lateral Center of Gravity
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The last piece of the Center of Gravity puzzle is in!  Up to now, you could calculate center of gravity points for Horizontal and Vertical CG.  Now you can calculate Lateral CG for your vehicle too. To view lateral center of gravity points, just open a combination of Top and CG views, as indicated on the…

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Top View
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We’ve added a ‘Top View’ to our Axle Weight Calculator app this month.  Now you can see a bird’s-eye view when configuring vehicles, designing bodies, planning loads or reviewing Turning Radius. To toggle between Top View and Side View, click the Elevation icon on the right of the vehicle drawing. When adding vehicles, equipment, trailers…

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Truck Size and Weight Compliance Scorecard
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We’ve added a Size and Weight Compliance Scorecard to our Axle Weight Calculator this month.  Now, at a glance, you can see if your vehicle design complies with commercial vehicle size and weight laws. Compliance Scorecard In the animation above, watch how changing the body position or increasing the payload turns a tick to an…

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Turning Circle Calculator
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We’ve added a Turning Circle Calculator to our Axle Weight Calculator this month.  Many jurisdictions now impose manoeuvrability criteria to the vehicle approval process, so calculating Turning Circle is a big deal. Where to find Turning Circle? Use the buttons on the right of the Axle Weight Calculator to switch to the turning circle view. What…

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What We Shipped In 2017
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In 2017, we set out to make our apps easier to use, on more devices, for more users, in more markets. We shipped 8 releases and grew the total number of markets that use our apps to 24.  As the sun sets on 2017, let’s look back at the highlights of what we shipped in the…

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Add your standard equipment to the ‘Other’ category
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Today’s update to the Axle Weight Calculator allows you to request any item to be added to the Equipment library, in the ‘Other’ category. Add Equipment to the library Existing Equipment categories are Crane, Fifth Wheel, Fridge and Taillift, but you may of course have need for many other items, such as Aerokit, Bullbar, Fuel…

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Axle Weight Calculator now even easier to use
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“Don’t Make Me Think” Steve Krug’s famous first law of usability, “Don’t Make Me Think”, informs every decision we make when we’ve got our design hats on at TruckScience. Our mission is to make the app so easy to use, and everything you need in it so easy to find, that you never find yourself…

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