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You can now share your TruckScience calculations with other salespeople, engineers, upfitters or customers.  And the good news is that you can share with anyone for whom you have an email address!  They do not need to have a subscription to TruckScience, and can be within or external to your organization.

You’ve told us you need to be able to share calculations for lots of different reasons:

  • Share designs among salespeople, body-builders and customers
  • Share a calculation with your manager or with an engineer, and have them check your work
  • Have one user set up a configuration and another create a loading plan on that configuration
  • Share your calculation with our Support team if you get stuck

Sharing calculations in real-time allows you to get rapid feedback from other stakeholders, and can be the difference between closing a deal today or not.

To share a calculation, simply click on the Share icon in the toolbar.  Users of Android phones will be familiar with this icon already.

Then provide the email addresses of any stakeholders to whom you would like to grant View-Only access, and they will receive an email inviting them to view your calculation.  If they wish, they can save a copy of your calculation to their own profile, make some changes to it, and share it back to you.

If another user shares a calculation with you, you will receive an email notification to let you know.  To view calculations which have been shared with you, follow the ‘Calculations Shared With Me’ link on the vehicle selection screen.


In other news this month…

Vehicle Prototypes

When adding vehicles to our library, we can now add vehicles with the status, ‘Prototype’.  Prototype vehicles are only visible to users with special privileges.  For example, engineers at OEM Head Office may wish to test a prototype vehicle for data accuracy, or against an existing vehicle, to see where its advantages or disadvantages lie.  When they are satisfied to release the vehicle to a wider audience, we mark its status as ‘Current’ and it becomes visible to all relevant users.

Performance Report

Performance simulation results can be included in the Offer Summary PDF document now.

This is a personalized, customized offer which a salesperson can share with their customer, to show in black and white why their truck is the best one for the customer’s application.  Of course, it also demonstrates the professionalism of the salesperson to their customer.

Library Updates

We’ve added vehicles for FUSO, MAN and Mercedes-Benz, Bartlett Tow Bars, Afrit and MaxiTrans trailers, Dynamix mixers, Fassi and Hiab cranes, Moffett truck-mounted forklifts, as well as a generic Hopper Spreader.  Users in our core markets (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) can request items to be added to our library, on demand, at no additional cost.

Usability and Performance Tweaks

At TruckScience, we have zero-tolerance for bad user experience. We have made lots of  usability improvements to the app, including adding tooltips to labels and fields which you’ve told us need more explanation.  We’ve also improved the performance of the app, and have been tweaking the language in the app to make it closer to the language you use every day.  These changes are made primarily in response to your suggestions, due to the diligence of our developers and based on our own experience using the app. Keep your suggestions coming! We review them all and prioritize what we do next based on what our users say they need most.

Recommended Browsers

Not all browsers are born equal. To ensure you get the best experience when using our app, we actively discourage use of the Internet Explorer browser. We strongly recommend using the latest version of the Chrome browser, and other suitable browsers include the latest versions of Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome Android and Safari iOS.

NTEA Truck Product Conference

In other news this month, our Managing Director, Jens, and Director of Product and Support, Martin, attended the NTEA Truck Product Conference in Novi, Michigan, to preview new model year work trucks and engage with OEM engineers regarding upfitter modifications.

See if you can spot them in the NTEA’s own coverage of the event on the NTEA website here.  Hint: Watch out for Martin inspecting a fuel tank (no surprises there!) and both attending a demo of the NTEA Vehicle Center of Gravity and Axle Weight Calculator.

We’re already looking forward to attending The Work Truck Show® 2019, which will take place in Indianapolis from March 5–8 2019. Let us know if you’ll be there too!

More about the Axle Weight Calculator

You can watch a 2-minute video introduction to the Axle Weight Calculator below, or see more info about the app on our Axle Weight Calculator page.

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