So you'd like to sell more trucks?

Select the right vehicle for your customer

Select a vehicle based on your customer’s application. Then configure the vehicle to optimize payload within legal limits.

Facilitate 'what-if' analysis

Show your customer the effect that changes in fuel price, interest rates, etc, have on the bottom line.

Track offers you've sent to customers

Keep track of offers sent to customers and monitor success rates of those offers

Demonstrate Total Cost of Ownership

Simulate fuel consumption of a vehicle on your customer’s actual routes, and demonstrate detailed costs over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Communicate key sales arguments

Compare a vehicle to competitor offerings and point out areas where your vehicle has an advantage.

The TruckScience Sales Tool

embeds professionalism in the organisation

Increases knowledge and productivity of sales staff

fulfils the customer’s expectation of intelligent and high-tech sales methods

enhances communication between head office, dealerships and customers

Some of our customers

Case Studies


South Africa

“Sales representatives are armed with a comprehensive report detailing recommended optimal configuration, estimates of fuel consumption and recommendations for costing the job.” read more



“The TruckScience sales tool for the iPad aligns with FUSO’s focus on Dealer Empowerment and Trust-based Sales, and Dr. Kirchmann’s aim to provide the best customer experience in the market.” read more

Volvo Trucks

South Africa

“Being able to provide hauliers with accurate Costing calculations is just another way in which we add value.”” read more


Work with our developers

Our developers will work with you to customise TruckScience to fit your needs, including intergrating our software with your existing systems.

Arrange to speak with a specialist

Call us to arrange to speak with a truck sales software specialist who will answer any questions you might have.

Request a visit / live demo

Our sales team will be delighted to show you how TruckScience can help drive sales in your oganisation