So you’d like to benchmark expected fuel
consumption on your actual routes?

Evaluate your drivers

Compare what’s being achieved in your transport operation to expected results in the industry

Procure the right vehicles

Examine various configurations of trucks, trailers, bodies and equipment, and their effect on fuel consumption

Understand payload productivity

Consider the trade-off between fuel consumption and average speed

Price contracts effectively

Measure the cost of driving any route before you drive it

Predict CO2 emissions

In support of a move to a competitive low carbon economy in future

We regularly compare our results with actual fuel consumption data, gathered through testing vehicles in real life conditions


“Fitting aerodynamic equipment to a truck can result in a fuel saving of as little as 1%.  Here we look at the effectiveness of aerodynamic equipment on eight-tonne vehicles … ” read more


“Truck Test 2014 confirmed once again that the simplest and most effective way to save fuel is to slow down, finding that each reduction of 10km/hr can save an average 1.5 litres of fuel per 100km … ” read more


“The feedback from drivers and product managers was that they believed that switching to manual mode could lead to an overall fuel saving of 1-2l/100km, through better predictive gear selection … ” read more

Case Studies

Barloworld Logistics

South Africa

“We use TruckScience for absolutely everything we do. We run all vehicle simulations through TruckScience before completing our costings. I believe it to be one of the best decision analysis tools in the industry.” read more


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