New software feature- cab tilt arc

Improvements to Axle Weight Calculator: Override Rear Overhang, Draw Cab Tilt, Add Additional Notes

Improvements to Axle Weight Calculator: Override Rear Overhang, Draw Cab Tilt, Add Additional Notes 795 478 TruckScience

We are constantly receiving feedback from our users and using it to improve TruckScience.  Today’s software update release of Axle Weight Calculator means that you can now Override the default value for Rear Overhang, view the Cab Tilt Arc and add Additional Notes to your reports.

Override Rear Overhang

Shortened Rear Overhang

New software feature-Override Rear Overhang

Users with special privileges can now specify a shorter rear overhang than the manufacturer’s recommended minimum for their vehicles.  Some Body Builders had requested this feature because the manufacturer minimum’s were too restrictive and they are confident that a shorter rear overhang is achievable in some cases.  The minimum length of the rear overhang is normally limited by the position of the suspension hanger brackets,but because body builders are in a position to measure this manually, they ‘re happy to take responsibility for a shorter rear overhang.  These special privileges are assigned on a per licence basis, to users who understand the implications of restrictions being overridden.

Draw Cab Tilt

New software feature- view the cab tilt arc

New software feature- cab tilt arc

The cab tilt arc is now displayed on the vehicle drawing when a van body and fridge unit is added.  This feature was requested by body builders, to allow them to ensure that there is sufficient clearance between the cab and the fridge unit when the cab is tilted.

Add Additional Notes

Users can now specify additional notes on a calculation.  This area can be used, for example, to draw customers’ attention to detail about the material used in the body.

New Features Are Automatic

As with all new features, because TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator runs online or ‘in the cloud’, you have access to the latest version at all times and from any location.  There is no need for you to update or install anything to take advantage of these improvements.  That’s TruckScience – Easy to use and easy to understand.  We Calculate.  You Choose.

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