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As well as the enhancements to the Axle Weight Calculator this month, we have made the following improvements to the Sales Tool…

Convert TransSolve calculations

Now you can open your old TransSolve files in the new app. You’ll find an ‘Open TransSolve file’ link in the user menu. Use it to convert files you saved using the old TransSolve program. For now, you can convert files containing single-vehicle combinations, with a vehicle, body, equipment and payload. Equipment items currently supported are crane, fridge, tail lift, 5th wheel, hitch and ‘other’. This feature is a work in progress.. We plan to expand it in the future to cater for trailer combinations and the remaining equipment items, including fairing, bullbar, crew cab, rollover, fuel tank and headboard.

Gears in Performance

The Performance section of the report now includes Gear Changes (GC) and Time in Top Gear (TT).

When comparing two vehicles in the same application, fewer gear changes is desirable, as gear changes break momentum and increase fuel usage. Similarly, the more time spent in top gear, the better, as the top gear is normally the most fuel-efficient.

Tolls in Costing

Costing calculations now include toll fees for the route simulated in the Performance module. Toll class is auto-determined based on the number of axles configured on the combination in the Loading module.

Total tolls per month are displayed in the Costing module, and Toll details are listed in the ‘Route & Performance Estimate’ section of the report.

Loading module changes

The latest changes to the Loading module include important changes to how data in the public library is protected. This and other changes are explained in a separate post here.

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