Regulations for Ontario SPIF and Quebec Thaw Period

Regulations for Ontario SPIF and Quebec Thaw Period

Regulations for Ontario SPIF and Quebec Thaw Period 1024 554 TruckScience

The TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator now validates your truck layouts against regulations for Canadian provincial legislation, including Ontario SPIF, Quebec and Quebec Thaw Period (la période de dégel).

Designated Tractor-Trailer Combinations (Ontario Provincial SPIF) - Axle Weight Calculator

The program also validates against both weights and dimensions limits for Canadian MOU.

Designated Truck (Ontario Provincial SPIF) - Axle Weight Calculator

Steerable Lift Axles

Prior to this, the Axle Weight Calculator treated all pusher and tag axles as non-steering. Pusher and Tags can be defined as Steering or Non-Steering now.

Volvo VHD64F300 (NEW) (WB=224") (5 Axle dump truck) - Add Pusher Axles Axle Weight Calculator

And the Turning Radius calculation had been enhanced to distinguish between the two.

Volvo VHD64F300 (NEW) (WB=224") (5 Axle dump truck) - Turning Circle - Axle Weight Calculator

More Organization Standards

We’ve added more Organization Standards.

Volvo VHD64F300 (NEW) (WB=224") (5 Axle dump truck) - Organization Standards - Axle Weight Calculator

Now you can define acceptable minimum and maximum values for

  • Payload center of gravity
  • Swing clearance
  • Weight on the trailer kingpin
  • Utilization, for example, to understand the percentage of the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating that is currently being utilized, that is “Vehicle Gross as % of GVWR”, etc. Use this to flag scenarios where you may be able to use a vehicle with a lower GVWR, and potentially save money for your customers.

Choosing Lift Gates and Pintle Hooks

When you’re choosing a Lift Gate or Pintle Hook / Coupler to add to your layout, you can now view the type of the available items (for example, ‘Cantilever’ or ‘Tuckaway’ Lift Gates, or ‘Underslung’ or ‘Conventional’ Coupler) in the list of available items.

Fuso Fighter 1627 XXLWB 6M (GVM=16000) Air - 12 Pallet Curtainsider - Add Tail Lift - Axle Weight Calculator

Swap Vehicle

The ‘Swap Vehicle’ button has moved to a more prominent position above the drawing, so you can find and access it more readily. Use the ‘Swap Vehicle’ function if you wish to change the vehicle in the current calculation, but leave everything else as is.

Volvo VHD64F300 (NEW) (WB=224") (5 Axle dump truck) - Swap Vehicle - Axle Weight Calculator

Compliance Tips

In the past, you could see from the color-coding and warnings if there were a problem, but it may not have been clear how to fix it. Now, simple tips will pop up when a change can be made to make your layout compliant. Watch out for these in the bottom left of your screen.

Volvo VHD64F300 (Ontario Provincial SPIF)- Compliance - Axle Weight Calculator

What next?

We are already working on adding regulations for the remaining provinces in Canada. These will automatically appear in your Settings as they become available.

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