Multiple views in Mass Distribution Reports

Multiple views in Mass Distribution Reports 1024 683 TruckScience

Depending on the audience for your reports, you may wish to include a Side and Top view drawing, or a detailed Bridge view, comparing the gross mass on each axle group with the maximum permissible.

The Centre of Gravity view shows the various centre of gravity points of the chassis, fuel, crew, body, equipment and payload, as well as the overall centre of gravity of the entire configuration.

You may also wish to include the Turning Circle view, that is, an arc of the smallest circle in which the truck can turn. Both wall to wall radius and curb to curb radius are included in this drawing.

Equipment Centred Laterally

Now, when equipment is added to your layout, is it is centred laterally across the rear width of the vehicle, by default, and the lateral position of the equipment is defined relative to the centre-line of the vehicle.

The same applies to trailers. In the past, the lateral position of equipment was defined relative to the left of the vehicle.

Equipment, apart from some exceptions such as service cranes, is usually centred laterally on a vehicle, so this change was implemented to make life easier for our users.

Special Allowances for Safety Features

The program can now cater for exceptional weights and dimensions which become applicable when a vehicle is fitted with a number of safety features.

Relevant safety features include devices to reduce blind spots, electronic stability control, advanced emergency braking, a lane departure warning system, better reflective markings, and side guards.

To take advantage of this feature, look out for the new ‘Safety’ tab on the Vehicle menu. Check all the safety features that apply to the current configuration.  Any applicable weight and dimensions allowances will be automatically applied and included in the compliance checks for your configuration.

Note that The Safer Freight Vehicles package applies only to the vehicle, and not any trailer towed behind.

Exceed Width Limits

In the past, the program prevented a user from specifying the width of, for example, the body, if it would result in the limit for Overall Width being exceeded. This restriction has been removed.

It is now possible to specify a width that exceeds both the Manufacturer’s Limit and the selected Regulations limit for overall width, and the program will simply display a warning to inform you that the limit has been exceeded.

To edit the width of a template body, open the Body menu from the left-hand side of your screen, locate the Dimensions tab, and update the Width field. Alternatively, use the DXF import feature to import a drawing of the body, and specify the body width during that process.

Increased Axle Weights for Battery-Electric Trucks

In recognition of electric trucks generally weighing more than the equivalent diesel-powered truck, some jurisdictions have announced trials of greater front axle weight limits for electric trucks. No doubt, more will follow.

To change the Energy Source from e.g. Diesel to Battery-Electric, pop open the Vehicle menu (the top icon on the left hand side of your screen), navigate to the Energy Source tab, and choose from Battery-Electric, Biodiesel, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), Diesel, Ethanol, Gasoline, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas).

Having chosen Battery-Electric, you can then add batteries and specify their capacity in kWh.

What next?

We consider all of the feedback we receive from our users when deciding which features to add next.

Indeed, the multiple views on the PDF reports has been much requested and long awaited!

If you have ideas for improving the program, please take a moment to share them with us, either via the Chat icon below right, or by emailing

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