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Case Study: How Body Builders in Canada are using TruckScience

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SchellVac Equipment Inc., based in Winnipeg in Canada, specializes in vacuum truck fabrication for wastewater management, hydro excavation and dangerous goods transportation.

We recently caught up with Alex Scheller, President of SchellVac, to hear why he uses TruckScience’s Axle Weight Calculator for truck body design.

Before TruckScience: Delays

Before SchellVac adopted TruckScience in their design process, they requested axle weight distribution calculations from chassis manufacturers.  They found that this introduced delays in their design process and delays in getting back to their customers.

How SchellVac use TruckScience now

Alex Scheller started using TruckScience having been taken through the design of a sample truck over the phone by the TruckScience team.  Once he had completed one calculation, he found TruckScience’s Axle Weight Calculator to be ‘very simple’ to use and he quickly became competent at building equipment and adjusting specifications.

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When designing tank equipment, SchellVac usually start with generic chassis and equipment specifications from the TruckScience database, and adjust weights and dimensions to what is required.  As well as using the vehicle and equipment templates in the software, SchellVac has had some of their own equipment specifications added by TruckScience and can now ‘pull’ this equipment on to any chassis, in order to speed up interactions with customers.

Customer Service

“We are delighted with the level of service we have received from TruckScience, right from the start.  Exceptional customer service is a priority for us at SchellVac and with TruckScience enabling us to remove the delays that we were experiencing in getting back to our customers, our ability to stand out among small companies for service to our customers has been further enhanced.”  – Alex Scheller, President, ShellVac Equipment Inc.

Peace of Mind

SchellVac uses TruckScience to fine-tune their designs, for example by examining the effect of moving the rear axle forward or backward, etc.  Before going to more detailed drawings, they have peace of mind that the proposed vehicle will be legal when completed.

Enhanced Communication

 “Using TruckScience allows us to provide a more professional service to our customers.  We now provide a report which shows significant dimensions, achievable payload and compliance with regulations, along with our quotes.  Not only does it enhance communication with our customers, but it enables them to appreciate the tradeoffs involved in building bigger equipment, etc.  It helps our customers make the right decision when it comes to what to buy.  – Alex Scheller, President, ShellVac Equipment Inc.

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Core Business Benefits

Increased Customer Responsiveness

SchellVac Equipment now have an in-house system which enables them to do truck weight distribution calculations within minutes.


The clear reports which SchellVac Equipment draw from TruckScience enable them to communicate effectively with customers about key design decisions.

Peace of Mind

TruckScience’s built-in controls ensure that equipment design is fully compliant with relevant legislation.

Try TruckScience for yourself

If you’d like to use TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator, please sign up for a free trial on the right of this page and we will send you login details immediately. Alternatively, email us or call +353 98 39130 to request a callback.

More about SchellVac Equipment Inc.

Led by brothers Sergej Scheller and Alexander Scheller, with 13 employees, SchellVac is recognized for their ability to custom build for any size truck, industry and application.  ISO 9001:2008 registered, SchellVac has demonstrated its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and their commitment to quality is built into every part of their production process.

SchellVac believes in investing in manufacturing efficiencies that enable them to offer the best products on the market.  They chose TruckScience based on its simplicity, and the personal service which they received from the TruckScience team.

Visit SchellVac Equipment Inc.‘s website to learn more about their exciting product range.

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