Great fleet engineers design
safe, legal and efficient trucks
that meet end users’ needs.

Great fleet engineers design
safe, legal and efficient trucks
that meet end users’ needs.

It shouldn't be so hard

Many fleet engineers and acquisition specialists struggle to communicate payload capacity while ensuring requirements around equipment and functionality are met.

At TruckScience, we’ve created an Axle Weight Calculator that brings all the legislation, spec sheets, and drawings together, so you can get on with the business of specifying safe, legal, and efficient trucks.

Professional reports allow you to share a clear visual representation with end users and engineers.

Engineers sign off the spec, and end-users love seeing what they’re going to get.

Axle Weight Calculator

What do I get?

The right chassis

The right chassis

that meets the end
user’s requirements

Professional Proposals

Professional reports

with visual representation of
the specified unit

More payload

thanks to your
optimised design

Signed off designs

Signed-off specs

because stakeholders can
see what they’re approving

Less fuel

due to not
over-speccing vehicles

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

from knowing you’re delivering
safe and legal trucks

How it works

OEM Specs

then add body,
equipment and payload

Axle Weight Calculator Graphical Interface

to comply with OEM and legal
limits, and increase payload

PDF Reports TruckScience

Share reports with engineers
and end users to get sign-off

See it in action

Watch this 2-minute video to see how it works

We’ve been helping fleet engineers to specify
great trucks for over 35 years

Kyle Pankratz City of Calgary Icon

Kyle Pankratz

City of Calgary
Alberta, Canada

“Adopting TruckScience has been a huge
step forward for our team. We can
ensure that the units we design meet all
of the end user’s requirements
for equipment and functionality.
Sharing the reports greatly
enhances communication with
our Engineering colleagues.”

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Tim Gandolfo Apex Equipment Icon

Tim Gandolfo

Apex Equipment
Florida, United States

“I can do a weight distribution
calculation from start to finish in 20
minutes now. This is 6 times faster
than what it used to take. Knowing
that we’re building a safe and
efficient truck gives us huge peace
of mind.”

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Mike Fenneman LMT Icon

Mike Fenneman

Illinois, United States

“Any truck that is built has the potential to be overweight, depending on how the customer uses it. It is very important to us that we can educate our customers on the potential for being overweight, recommend an optimal configuration, and get sign-off on their chosen design.”

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Are you ready to
jump right in?

Axle Weight Calculator Laptop

Are you ready to
jump right in?

Axle Weight Calculator Laptop

Life's Too Short!

TruckScience - Stop Wasting Time

Stop wasting

searching for spec sheets
and studying legislation

Don't get tied to
the office

by systems that aren’t
available in the cloud

No more spreadsheets

Don't get tied up in spreadsheets

that are time-consuming and

Avoid surprises on the truck scale

Avoid surprises on
the weighbridge

that will cost your organisation
in fines

Avoid costly rework

Avoid dissatisfied

because end users can’t
visualize what they’ll get

Avoid warranty issues

Avoid warranty

and the downtime end users
will suffer as a result

Take your first step
towards better trucks

Take your first step
towards better trucks