Explainer Videos

Understanding the Interface

Take a few minutes to understand the truck mass and CG calculations. See where to find the vertical CG of your truck. If you are not using the full capacity of the chassis, maybe you could use a lower-spec chassis to achieve the desired payload?

Understanding the Weights table is fundamental to designing optimal trucks which maximise payload capacity. Watch this video to view a detailed breakdown of axle masses, identify maximum payload and understand how much of the vehicle’s total capacity you are utilising.

The Overall Centre of Gravity of your vehicle affects its stability. Watch this video to define the centre of gravity of each component of your build, and calculate the overall vertical, horizontal and lateral centre of gravity of the configuration.

Using the Library 

TruckScience is backed by a library of OEM chassis specifications, as well as specs for standard bodies, equipment and payload items. You can add specs for your own products and optionally share these with distributors, or ask us to add truck specs for you.

Saving custom components for reuse later saves time, and sharing components with other team members promotes collaboration. Publishing your bodies and equipment to the Public library promotes your brand. Watch this video to learn how to use the library of body, equipment, and payload specs.

TruckScience is backed by a library of OEM (Manufacturer) chassis specifications.Watch this video to learn what to do if the vehicle you require is not yet in the library.

Importing your drawings allows you to generate professional reports, with true-to-life drawings that you can share with your customer. Watch this video to learn how to import a CAD drawing from a dxf file.

Importing your drawings allows you to generate professional reports with true-to-life drawings. Follow the steps in this video to trace a drawing, or reduce the size of your DXF file, to make it compatible with the TruckScience program.

Modifying a Vehicle

Modifying the truck’s wheelbase, or adding Pusher and Tag axles, can increase the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle, while remaining within axle limits.

The vehicle manufacturer’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), Gross Axle Mass Ratings and legislative limits all affect the payload capacity of your truck. Watch this video to learn how to edit your truck’s GVW or an axle’s rating or regulation limit, and how this will affect the maximum permissible mass.

Adding an axle may increase the load-carrying capacity of a truck. Watch this video to learn how to add an axle and specify its mass and rating.

Compliance Checks

The TruckScience program validates your layouts against 3 ‘pillars of compliance’ – OEM chassis ratings, the regulations for roads in your jurisdiction, and the high standards your own organisation wishes to maintain.

Verifying your designs against road regulations ensures that your vehicle not only complies with manufacturer limits, but can be operated legally on the roads in your jurisdiction. Watch this video to learn how to choose the regulations against which your configuration will be verified. You can choose multiple provinces or permits at once.

Defining Organisation Standards ensures that your designs comply with the best practices adopted by your organisation. Watch this video to learn how to define the minimum percentage mass that may be carried on the front axle, the maximum height for the overall CG, or rear overhang as a percentage of wheelbase.

Customising the Interface

Adding your company logo to reports, switching between Imperial and Metric measurement, and highlighting measurements that are important to you and your customers, all help to deliver a more professional service.

Generating professional reports – with true-to-life drawings – to share with your customer, demonstrates your professionalism and promotes your brand. Watch this video to learn how to add your company logo or a disclaimer message to your report.

Highlighting Favourite Measurements allows you to keep an eye on what matters to you, and communicate clearly with customers and other stakeholders. Watch this video to learn where to choose your Favourite Measurements.

The ability to switch between Imperial and Metric measurement systems, and define chassis measurements in terms of Wheelbase or CA (Cab to Axle) allows you to produce reports for your customers that they can easily understand. Watch this video to learn where to customise your measurements.