Using TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator for calculating Axle Weight Distribution

Using TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator for calculating Axle Weight Distribution 150 150 TruckScience

TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator is a user-friendly application which allows you to design trucks with body, taillift, fridge, etc. and calculate axle weights, maximum payload and turning radius as you go.

A few simple steps to open a vehicle

Axle weight distribution - Select a vehicle type

1.  Choose vehicle type from Rigid, Tractor and Complete Vehicle

2.  Choose axle layout

Axle weight distribution - Axle layout

3.  Choose from a selection of vehicle manufacturers and then the actual vehicle you require.

If the manufacturer of the vehicle or the particular vehicle you require is not in the list, use a Generic Template and input significant weights and dimensions from a vehicle spec sheet.

Axle weight distribution - Vehicle make

There are generic template vehicles available for both long-nose (US style) and cab-over (European style) trucks.

We add manufacturer vehicles on request.  In this way, the database grows continually and all users benefit from requests made by other users.

Watch Video

Read on for a brief guide to using TruckScience, or click on this image to watch a quick video summary on YouTube.  The video is less than 2 minutes long.

Make changes on left, see effect on right

Once you’ve opened  a vehicle, you are ready to make changes to it, to work out axle weight distribution, maximum payload and turning radius.

Axle weight distribution - Open vehicle

Design your vehicle

You can change weights and dimensions, add a trailer or add a whole range of equipment, such as bodies, fridges, taillifts, etc.

Axle weight distribution - Add equipment

Payload and axle weights are recalculated as you go

You can immediately see the effect of any changes you make, on axle weight distribution, maximum payload and turning radius.  Watch out for red, which indicates overloading and blue, which indicates underloading on an axle.

Axle weight distribution - Weights table

Export your design to a PDF report

PDF reports are customisable with your logo and contact details and are great for sharing with customers, colleagues, legislative bodies and more.

Axle weight distribution - Report ts

Try TruckScience for yourself

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Watch a 2-minute intro to TruckScience

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