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With the latest release of our Axle Weight Calculator coming out this month, you will be able to do more with your truck weight distribution calculations, and to do it more easily.

More equipment

While you could already add a body (box, curtainsider, tipper, etc), bullbar, crane, crew cab, fairing, fifth wheel, fridge, fuel tank, headboard, hitch, rollover protection and taillift, now you can add other items, such as crash barriers, mudguards, underrun protection, side impact protection, etc.  Simply add an ‘Other’ item, anywhere above, on or below the chassis, and give it a descriptive name.  This new feature gives you ultimate flexibility when adding equipment, to calculate legal axle weights on your truck.

More legislation

Choose legislation to apply to axle load and turning radius calculation

We are adding Canadian legislation.  Once the legislation has been examined, digested and added to our database, not only will you be able to calculate axle weights in Australia, Ireland, Mozambique, New Zealand and South Africa, and semi truck turning radius in UAE, UK and USA, to name a few, but you’ll be able to confirm that you’re complying with legal axle weights in Canada, by applying semi truck weight limits for Canada to your truck weight distribution calculations too.  This legislation will be added as part of a separate exercise, after the application changes have been released.

More user-friendly

Labelling items of a multiple point load

Labelling multi point loads when calculating weight distribution

When planning a multiple point load, that is, a load whose weight is not evenly distributed over the body of the truck, such as a load of pallets, you can now specify a Description for each item on the load.  This will enable you and your customers to differentiate between load items on the exportable high level design drawing.

Finding a vehicle

Choose Vehicle Type on which to calculate axle weights

When you open TruckScience, the first thing you need to do is select a vehicle on which to do your axle weight distribution calculation.

Select the vehicle type and axle layout you require, for example 6×2 Rigid vehicle.  Then, for maximum flexibility, you can choose to work with a generic template vehicle provided by TruckScience. Or to speed things up, choose an actual vehicle from a range of commercial vehicle manufacturers on the market (e.g. Mercedes-Benz Actros) and amend truck weights and dimensions if necessary.

Thr graphics for the standard manufacturer vehicles are more elaborate than the template vehicle graphics, while you have much more control over template vehicles, due to the many more editable weights and dimensions for the templates.  It’s a matter of choice which you’d prefer to use.  If you need to work with a vehicle which is not in our database and you wish to have its true drawing on your reports, we can add it for you.

We have added more generic template vehicles than before and have also indicated whether the truck turning radius information is available for a particular vehicle before you open it.

Changing axle weights and adding equipment

Tab positions - semi truck turning radius

Once you’ve opened a vehicle to do a weight distribution calculation, we’ve renamed some things and moved some other things around, in order to help you to find what you’re looking for more readily.

The ‘Mass’ tab has been renamed to ‘Weights’, and’ Accessories’ has been renamed to Equipment.  And since these are the 2 areas in which you’re most likely to be making changes, we’ve moved these to the front of the list of tabs, just after ‘General’.

What you need to do to take advantage of these improvements

Because TruckScience is running ‘in the cloud’, these changes will be automatically applied the next time you log in after they’re released.  It’ll be business as usual for you.

These changes will not affect existing weight distribution calculations which you have saved.  You will be able to open these as normal.

When you can expect to see the changes

We’re thoroughly testing these changes at present, to make sure you get the same reliability from TruckScience as you’re accustomed to.  The changes will be rolled out to all users as soon as we’re happy that everything is in ship shape, and we’re planning for that to be in the first half of this month.

Do you have a good idea for TruckScience?

Many of these changes were made in response to feedback from existing users of TruckScience. Please feel free to share more suggestions for changes which you would like to see in future.  You can do this by emailing  The more users that request a particular change, the higher the priority it will be given.

Try TruckScience for yourself

If you’d like to use TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator, please sign up for a free trial on the right of this page and we will send you login details immediately. Alternatively, email us or call +353 98 39130 to request a callback.

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