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Introducing our new user-friendly Axle Weight Calculator!

Introducing our new user-friendly Axle Weight Calculator! 1024 361 Sorcha O'Grady

We recently released our all-new, redesigned Axle Weight Calculator.

What’s new?

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

Everything about our new app has been designed with the user in mind.  Steve Krug’s “Don’t make me think” philosophy, a common sense approach to web usability, has inspired our design from start to finish.

Cross-platform compatibility

The previous version of our Axle Weight Calculator was dependent on the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.  By 2017, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft’s own Edge browser did not support the Silverlight plugin, but we were already migrating our applications to HTML5 technology.  The result is this new app which is compatible with multiple platforms, including tablets (iPad, etc.), laptops and PCs, and all common browsers.

Saving in the cloud

In the past, unless you were really disciplined and backed up your computer regularly, loss or failure of hardware could have catastrophic consequences.  Now, your calculations are saved in the cloud.  We maintain backups – also in the cloud – of your saved calculations, and these are saved securely for you, regardless of what happens to your computer.  In future, these calculations will be able to be shared with your contacts from within the app itself.

Monthly Updates

We have a team of dedicated developers who work together on monthly ‘sprints’ to release updates to the app.  When our users request new features, we can respond quickly by prioritising them for inclusion in future sprints.  This quarter, we have added the following new features, most of them in response to user requests:

Hook Lifts

Hook lift axle weight calculation

We added a template for a hook lift, further increasing the range of bodies which can be added to a truck.  This feature was requested by users in United States, Australia, New Zealand, India and United Kingdom.


Axle Weight Calculator

We added a template for a beavertail body, in response to requests from users in United Kingdom and Australia.

Center of Gravity View

Center of Gravity View

We have also moved Center of Gravity information into a COG view, to reduce clutter in other views.

Live Chat & Product Tour

We’ve added Live Chat within the app, to allow users to easily reach out when they need help, and we’ve created a short app tour, to point out new features to our users as they are released.


We add vehicles, bodies and equipment to our library on demand.  This quarter, we have added the following vehicles in response to user requests:

– Autocar Expert and Xpeditor
– DODGE Ram 5500
– Eicher Pro
– Ford E350, E450 F-550
– Hino 700 Euro II
– International TransStar
– Iveco EuroCargo, Daily
– Kenworth K270, K370, T170
– MACK Pinnacle
– Peterbilt 220, 320
– Scania P360
– UD Croner
– Western Star 4700, 4900

Next Up

We are already working on the next features to be added, some of which will be released at the end of July.  Some of the items at the top of our To Do list right now include:

Calculate Bogie Split

Up to now, we have calculated total, front and rear axle weights.  In future, the app will also calculate the bogie split, as well as the gross weight on the rear axle or ‘bogie’.  For now, you can use this post to do this calculation manually.

How to calculate bogie split

Drivers included in Kerb Weight

In future, users can specify whether or not driver is included in Kerb Weight of the vehicle, as in some cases, a vehicle certificate includes driver and fuel weight.


We solicit and welcome feedback from our users on which body and equipment templates we should add next.  Right now, some of the more regular requests are for snowplows and toolboxes.

Multiple Point Loads

We are taking this opportunity to overhaul the way we deal with Multiple Point Loads.  Long-term users of our legacy app will be familiar with this feature.

App and Report Usability

We will continue to improve the layout and design of reports, and further enhance the UI design of the app, including making dimensions clickable.

Have a go!

To start using the new Axle Weight Calculator right now, click ‘GET STARTED’.  No credit card.  No installation.  Just provide your name, email address & country, and choose a new password, and you’ll be straight into the app.

We value your feedback

We are constantly adding features to the app.  Please get in touch to share ideas for improving the Axle Weight Calculator, and to help us to understand which of the ‘Coming Soon’ features you would like to see added first.

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