New Features in TruckScience Today – Add axles and more!

New Features in TruckScience Today – Add axles and more! 680 299 Sorcha O'Grady

We are releasing some new features, as well as improvements to existing ones, today.  Read on for more on what to expect.

Lift axles, Drop axles, Pusher axles, Tag axles, …

Lift Axles

You can now add auxiliary axles to a truck.  You can add Second Steer axles, Pusher axles and Tag axles and specify whether or not they can be raised.  These lift axles or drop axles are included in the axle weight calculations, and of course, the axle weight distribution differs based on whether the axles are dropped or raised.  The picture above shows a Mack 6×4 rigid truck, which has had 2 Pusher axles added, to create a 5-axle rigid.  You can add axles to both standard and template vehicles.

10×4 Single Steer and 12×4 Twin Steer

Truck Axle Layouts - 10x4 Single Steer - 12x4 Twin Steer

We can cater for up to 4 rear axles now, so we have added 2 axle layouts for rigid trucks – 10×4 Single Steer and 12×4 Twin Steer. You will find generic template vehicles for each of these axle layouts in the Vehicle Selection wizard.  Choose 12×4 Twin Steer to open a template for a vehicle with 6 axles, as in the picture below.

12x4 Twin Steer - axles

Improved User Interface

Axles, Dimensions, Weights, Equipment

Imperial - Wheelbase

We have grouped all of the editable fields pertaining to the vehicle into 4 easy-to-find tabs – Axles, Dimensions, Weights and Equipment.

  • Use the Axles tab to
    • add axles
    • specify their ratings
    • lift or drop pusher and tag axles.
  • Use the Dimensions tab to
    • specify axle spacing, cab and chassis dimensions, and turning radius information.
  • Use the Weights tab to
    • specify curb weights (tare or unladen weights)
    • specify or override manufacturer ratings and legislative limits
    • specify crew weight and standard fuel tanks.
  • Use the Equipment tab to
    • add any equipment which is not included in the Tare Weight of the vehicle, including Body, Bullbar, Crane, Crew Cab, Fairing, Fifth Wheel, Fridge, Fuel Tank (e.g. additional long-range fuel tanks), Headboard, Hitch, Rollover, Taillift and any ‘Other’ item which is built on to the truck.
  • As before, use the Trailer tab to add a trailer and the Payload tab to specify load items.

Validate vehicle on opening

Axle weight legislation - USA

In the past, vehicles were validated against your chosen legislation when the first change was made to the vehicle, and this was a cause of frustration to some users. Now, the vehicle is prevented from opening if it fails validation, at which point you are given the choice to change your legislation settings or choose another vehicle.
To change legislation settings, use the Settings link on the top right hand side of the program.

Performance enhancements and bug fixes

We have a team of developers who are continuously improving our applications.  There are always improvements to be made, with technology evolving at such a pace, and our users’ needs and expectations also constantly evolving. A new release like this one is an opportunity for us to bring these miscellaneous enhancements to you. In future, if you notice anything in the software that is not behaving as you would expect, please get in touch and any necessary changes will be included in a future release.  You can contact us by email, to, or by phone on +353 98 39130.

What’s Next?

Calculate  Vertical Center of Gravity

Legislation in Canada requires the Vertical Center of Gravity (Vertical CG) of the truck to be specified on the Incomplete Vehicle Document (IVD).  This feature is next on our feature development list, and is expected to be released next month, May 2016.

Axle Weight Calculation on the iPad

We are working on moving our application from the Microsoft Silverlight platform, which is no longer supported by the Chrome browser, to cross-platform HTML5 technology, which will allow you to use the program on many more browsers and devices, including the iPad and other tablets.  As a result of this advance in our technology, you will also be able to work on your TruckScience calculations online and offline in future.

We love to hear from you

When you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with the new features, we’d love to hear what you think.  Leave a comment or drop us an email.

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