If your vehicle is not in the list

If your vehicle is not in the list 150 150 TruckScience

If you’ve narrowed down your choice of vehicle, by selecting…

Vehicle Type (Rigid)

select a vehicle 1

Axle Layout (6×4)

select a vehicle 2

Vehicle Make (Mercedes-Benz)

select a vehicle 3 OEMselect a vehicle 4

and Vehicle Range (Actros)

select a vehicle 6

At which point, you’re presented with a list of trucks which match your criteria…

select a vehicle 7

But the vehicle you wish to do a weight distribution calculation for is not in the list.

You have 3 choices

1.  Use a generic template vehicle

2.  Request a vehicle and we’ll add it for you

3.  Choose a vehicle which is similar to the one you require

1.  Use a generic template vehicle

Select the Generic Templates tab from the vehicle list

select a vehicle 7

or the Generic Template option on the Vehicle Make filter page

select a vehicle 10

Choose between ‘Cab-over’ control, if you need a truck typical of those found in Europe, or ‘Long nose’ for those found in the US.

select a vehicle 8

Then use General and Weights tabs to specify values for

– Wheelbase

– Axle last to chassis end

select a vehicle 13

– Tare weights (Unladen / Curb) – front and rear axle units

– Manufacturer weight limits – front and rear axle units

– Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (Gross Vehicle Mass) – GVM / GVWR

– Gross Combination Weight Rating (Gross Combination Mass) – GCM / GCWR

select a vehicle 14

Use the Save As button to save your newly created vehicle for future reference.

2.  Request a vehicle

If you use a generic template vehicle, the vehicle graphic will be generic too.

You may prefer that the vehicle graphic is a more true representation of the actual vehicle, in which case you can request a vehicle to be added…

select a vehicle 5

Use the button on the Vehicle Selection wizard to Request a Vehicle.

select a vehicle 9

Please provide us with as much information as possible, to allow us to identify the exact specification which you wish to have added.  Better still, if you have access to a specification sheet for the vehicle, please email it to us at support@truckscience.com.

The minimum information required in order to add a vehicle is

– a side drawing

– weights, including curb weights and manufacturer limits, for each axle unit

– dimensions – wheelbase, overhangs, etc.

If you are unable to provide a specification sheet, or if the spec’ sheet which you do provide has various options, please specify the options you require, for example

– wheelbase dimension

– suspension type

– cab type – day cab, sleeper, etc.

We aim to add vehicles within 3 business days of request.  However, if you’re in a hurry for the vehicle, please contact us to see if we can squeeze it in sooner.

3.  Choose a vehicle which is similar to that required

Select a vehicle from the list which is similar to the one you require.

Then modify its weights and dimensions to match those of your vehicle.

This way, the vehicle graphic will look more true than that of a generic template and you can avoid the time and cost associated with requesting a vehicle to be added by us.

4.  Talk to us

If you are unsure which of these options is best for you, please call or email us to discuss.  We will be more than happy to help you.

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