Calculate Axle Weights with a Crane

Calculate Axle Weights with a Crane

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When we receive a query about how to do something in our Axle Weight Calculator, rather than address that user’s request by email, we try to add it here for everyone’s benefit.  Today, we received a query about adding a crane to a calculation.

Start with a vehicle

To start with, you’ll need to open a vehicle to which to add your crane.  Search standard vehicles, use a generic template, open a calculation you saved previously, or request us to add your vehicle to our library from a spec sheet.

Add a Crane

To add a crane to your truck, simply click on the Equipment icon on the left hand side.  That’s the one with the fridge, fuel tank and taillift.  It just wouldn’t look right with a crane as well 😉

Add Equipment: Choose a crane

To add a standard crane model from a recognised brand, scroll through the list to find the e.g. Palfinger PC 2700.  Our developers are always working to make things easier for you.  This list will become searchable next week, and you will also be able to request a crane to be added to our library from right here within the app.

Choose from the cranes in our library, or ask us to add yours

Simply click on the crane to add it to your calculation.

Palfinger crane added to the configuration

The crane is added to your drawing and its weight included in the Weights Table.

Alternatively, if you don’t find the crane you’re looking for in the library, you can use a ‘Crane Template’.  You’ll find it at the top of the list of cranes.

Choose Crane Template to specify your own crane

The template is the most flexible option, as you can edit weights and dimensions to match the crane you plan to use on this truck.

Edit dimensions or weights of your crane here

The graphic isn’t as ‘true to life’, but the Weights Table reflects the distribution of the weight of the crane you specified over the axles.  The crane weight is also deducted from the Unused Capacity of the vehicle, which in turn affects the maximum achievable payload, of course.

Crane template added

Have a go!

To start using the Axle Weight Calculator, just click ‘GET STARTED‘.  No credit card or complicated installation.  Just provide your name, email address & country, and choose a new password, and you’ll be straight into the app.

We value your feedback

We have a team of developers who are constantly improving the app.  Please get in touch to share ideas for improving the Axle Weight Calculator, and to help us to understand which new features you would like to see added first.

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