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We have been receiving lots of requests to simplify the process of specifying curb weights when adding pusher and tag axles, and to show more bridge groups in the Bridge view. So this month’s release is all about the axles!

Defining Weights and Axles

We’ve combined the Weights and Axles tabs into one much more intuitive “Weights & Axles” tab, where the Curb Weight, GAWR and Bridge Limit are defined for each axle in one place, and the derived ‘Permissible’ value is easier to find and understand.

Pushers and Tags

We’ve added detailed weight distribution for pusher and tag axles to the Weights table.  Now you can see the curb weight, axle rating, as well as the distribution of body and payload weight, etc. on a pusher or tag axle, right there under the axle in the Weights table.

Bridge Law

The Bridge Law compliance reporting has been enhanced, with separate compliance indicators shown for all relevant axle groups.  In the past, the compliance scorecard on the left would have flagged an issue with Bridge compliance.  Now you can see which group is causing the problem.

Coupling Offset

Pintle Hook or Coupler position is now measured from the rearmost driven axle.  Its position used to be defined relative to the Technical Wheelbase, but this caused problems when the Technical Wheelbase changed, for example, due to the addition of a lift axle.


We’ve added more tips and suggestions under the Information icons throughout the app, we’ve improved the speed of the app through optimization of the drawing engine, and we’ve fixed some bugs, including issues a minority of users had with retrieving saved calculations.

Library Updates

We’ve added vehicles, trailers, bodies and equipment, in response to user requests.  Remember to keep those requests coming in.

What next?

Many of these ideas for improving the app came from our users. We consider all your feedback when deciding which features to add next. Please share your ideas with us via the chat within the app, by email, or indeed in any other way, to make sure your voice is heard.

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