Pusher and Tag Axle Weights

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We’ve just made it easier to find the vehicles and bodies you’re looking for, and added a more detailed breakdown of axle weights when lift axles and trailers are added. Read on for more details on the latest update to our Axle Weight Calculator.

Detailed View of Pushers and Tags

Chassis Weights Axle Weight Calculator

We’ve added a ‘Chassis’ view, showing a more detailed breakdown of axle weights when pusher or tag axles have been added. Use this view to review original and modified chassis weights (before and after lift axles are added).

Detailed View of Vehicle

Detailed View of Vehicle Axle Weight Calculator

We’ve also added a ‘Vehicle’ view, showing the weights that make up the total unladen vehicle weight. That is, chassis, body and equipment weights. This is particularly useful when one or more trailers have been added.

Filters and Sorting

Filters and Sorting Axle Weight Calculator

When swapping in a new vehicle to your calculation, you can now filter and sort by CA or wheelbase, or by specification date.

Filters for body, equipment and trailer brands, Axle Weight Calculator

We’ve also added filters for body, equipment and trailer brands, and you can view current or discontinued items, or both.

Dump Template

Simplified the graphic for template dump bodies Axle Weight Calculator

We’ve simplified the graphic for template dump bodies, to give a better representation of different dump types.

Webinar Series

To help our loyal customers and followers make the most of downtime during the global pandemic, we have been running regular webinars on Calculating Axle Weights. To see recordings of previous webinars, visit our YouTube channel here. To register for the next webinar, simply click on the image below:

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Library Updates

In response to requests from users in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States, we’ve added cranes, dump bodies, pintle hooks and log loaders from Crysteel, HIAB, Holland, HYVA and Serco… as well as vehicles from Ford, FUSO, Hino, Isuzu, Mack, MAN, Tata, UD, Unimog and Volvo ranges.

Keep your requests for vehicles, bodies and equipment coming in, as the true-to-life graphics of the standard equipment in the library make for an impressive PDF report to share with your customers.

What next?

Many of these ideas for improving the app came from our users. We consider all of your feedback when deciding which features to add next. Please share your ideas with us. The chat within the app is probably the easiest way to make your voice heard.

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