Calculate Axle Weights

Calculate Axle Weights with Full Turntable Drawbar Trailer

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Now you can use our Axle Weight Calculator to calculate axle weights and maximum payload for a straight truck with Full Trailer.  You might also know this as a rigid truck with Drawbar trailer, or even Dog trailer, if you’re in Australia.

With the update to the app today, you can add a hitch to a straight truck chassis, and couple a full trailer to the combination, then compare axle weights with manufacturer or regulation limits, or calculate maximum payload achievable with the combination.

Which Hitch?

Your choice of hitch may depend on the terrain on which the vehicle will travel, or on whether your payload is limited by weight or space.

Rear-Mount Hitch

Rear-Mount Hitch
A rear-mount hitch will achieve greater ground clearance, so is a popular choice for a vehicle that will travel on uneven terrain.

Underslung Hitch

Underslung Hitch

An underslung hitch allows for a more closely-coupled trailer, that is, the gap between the truck and trailer is smaller, giving a swing clearance advantage. The overall length saving may also provide a payload gain, for instance allowing an extra row of pallets to be loaded.

Referral Program

Axle Weight Calculator Referral Program

We’ve launched a simple Referral program this month. When you spread the word about TruckScience to your contacts in the industry, both you and they can now qualify for free TruckScience credit. Watch out for prompts to refer a friend when using the app, or find the ‘Refer a Friend’ link under the user menu item on the top right of your screen.

Vehicles, Equipment and Payload added

Vehicles, Equipment and Payload

We’ve added vehicles to our library from Astra, Ford, FUSO, HINO, International, Isuzu, Iveco, MACK, Powerstar and Scania this month, as well as Mixers, Aerial Platforms and Trailers for private use.

Our push to add a comprehensive library of vehicles for the US market is ongoing.  We also received requests to add vehicles from users in United States, Australia, Iraq, New Zealand and South Africa this month. Incidentally, TruckScience is used in 28 countries now, on all continents bar Antartica.

What’s next?

We need to hear from you to prioritize the features to be added next.  Call, email or chat to let us know what you would like to see in the app.

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