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Calculate Axle Weights with Multiple Payload Items

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With the update we’ve released to our Axle Weight Calculator today, you can place multiple items of payload, or cargo, on your truck, and see their effect on axle weights.

Detailed Payload

TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator Multiple Payload Items

This image shows a semi truck and trailer, with pallets of cement placed along the payload deck.  As with bodies and equipment, you can drag and drop these payload items along the body, and see the axle weights updated in real time.

Generic Payload Items

TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator Generic Payload Items To cater for all loading scenarios, we’ve defined a generic rectangular payload item, or ‘Payload Template’, for which you can define length, height, position, weight and center of gravity.  When you’ve defined an item, you can save it with a meaningful name, and re-add it to the current calculation or future calculations, to speed up your calculations.

Predefined Payload Items

Calculate Axle Weights Ford + Rollback + Car

As well as providing a generic template, we’ve  defined graphics for some sample payload to be loaded on your truck.  This will allow you to provide more professional reports to your customers.  These sample items include a brick pallet, a bulldozer, a cement pallet, a passenger car and a tractor.  We will continue to add graphics for other items in response to user demand.  If you would like to share your suggestions, please pop open the chat window below and let us have them.

Improved Vehicle Search

We got some great suggestions from one of our users last month, to improve our vehicle search screen.  The first was to display the wheelbase of each vehicle in the list, saving time which could otherwise be spent opening one vehicle after another to find the correct chassis.

TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator Improved Vehicle Search
The second suggestion was to remember the search criteria that had been entered previously, when returning to the vehicle selection screen.  Both of these suggestions were implemented, for the good of all of our users.  Where space allows, we also display the GVM and GCM of each of the vehicles in the list now.

New Explainer Video

We replaced the explainer video on our Axle Weight Calculator page with this one, which takes you on a quick tour of the app (in just 2 minutes).  This is an ideal video to share with your contacts who may be interested in giving the Axle Weight Calculator a go.  We would be very grateful if you would do just that for us 🙂

Vehicles, Equipment and Payload added

This month, we’ve added vehicles to our library from Daewoo, FUSO, HINO, International, Isuzu, Iveco and Toyota, as well as Anteo tail gates, and some tippers and refuse compactors for private use. With the introduction of the ability to add multiple items of payload, we’ve also been busy adding payload templates, including a brick pallet, bulldozer, cement pallet, passenger car and tractor.

The vehicles were added as part of an ongoing project to add a comprehensive library of vehicle specs for the US market, and in response to requests received from users in Australia, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and USA. Incidentally, we now have active users in 26 countries.

What’s next?

We need to hear from you to prioritize the features to be added next.  Call, email or chat to let us know what you would like to see in the app.

Try it out!

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