How To: Design a truck with a refrigerated body using TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator

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To follow this guide step by step, please login to the  Axle Weight Calculator. Please remember to use Internet Explorer or Firefox as the app is temporarily unavailable in Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Open a vehicle

The first thing you need to do is open a vehicle on which to build the body.  Use the step-by-step wizard to find the vehicle which best suits your needs, as follows:

Choose Vehicle Type

Click on ‘Rigid/Chassis Cab/Straight Truck’

how to design truck body 1

Choose Axle Layout

Click on the ‘vehicle axle layout’ you wish to build on.  Choose between 4×2, 4×4, 6×2, 6×4, 6×6, 8×4 Single Steer and 8×4 Twin Steer.  For example “6×4”.

axle layout how to design truck body

Choose Generic Template or Request a vehicle

If the manufacturer, range, or model you are looking for is not on the list, click on ‘Generic Template’ in any of the following screens, to ‘build your own’ vehicle, by applying values from a specification sheet to a ‘Generic Template’.  Alternatively click ‘Request a Vehicle’ at the bottom of the selection screen and our support team will add your vehicle to our database.

generic template how to design truck body

Choose Make

Choose between different makes, for example, “FUSO”.

choose make how to design truck body

Choose Range

Choose between the different ranges of vehicles from the make.  For example, “Super Great”.

choose range how to design a truck body

Choose Model

Choose the model of vehicle you wish to build on.  Double click to choose vehicle model, for example, “FUSO FV 26-420 FC”.

how to design truck body 2

Add a Body

When the vehicle is opened, note the 3 tabs, “Vehicle”, “Trailer 1”, and “Payload”.  The ‘Vehicle’ tab has subtabs, ‘General’, ‘Weights’, and ‘Equipment’.

how to design truck body 3

Use the ‘Equipment’ tab to add a body or other equipment to the vehicle.  Click ‘Add’ to open the selection page.  Double click ‘Template Box/Van/Fridge’ from within the ‘Body’ tab.

how to design truck body 4

Review Axle Weights

A box body has been added to the vehicle and the weight of the body has been added to the calculation beneath the drawing.  Note tare (or curb) weight of the vehicle, gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), body weight, weight distribution over each axle, as well as total truck weight and maximum payload achievable with this configuration.  The Permissible weights are the ‘lower of’ maximum weights allowed by the vehicle manufacturer and the legislation that has been applied to the calculation.

how to design truck body 5

Note also the new set of sub tabs, titled ‘Length’, ‘Weights’, ‘Height’, ‘Width’ and ‘Side doors’ (can be viewed by clicking on the >> button to the right of the tabs).

how to design truck body 6

Add Fridge

On the ‘Equipment’ tab, click ‘Add’.  Then, click on the ‘Fridge’ tab and double click ‘Template Fridge (Freight Carrier)’

how to design truck body 7

To adjust the body height, in order to accommodate the fridge, select ‘Body – Template Box/Van/Fridge’ once again and select the ‘Height’ tab to increase the value for Height.

how to design truck body 8

how to design truck body 9

On the ‘Equipment’ tab select ‘Fridge – Template Fridge (Freight Carrier)’.  A list of options appear below.  Adjust the Mounting Position of the Fridge, the Protrusion, the Height, the Weight, the Centre of Gravity and the Centre of Gravity type.

how to design truck body 10

Export your calculation to a report with your logo

Click the PDF icon to export a report of the current view.  This report can be customised with your logo.  To export other views, click on the relevant buttons from ‘Side’, ‘Top’, ‘Turning Circle’, ‘Summary’, ‘Extras’, ‘Bridge’, ‘Diminishing Load’.

how to design truck body 11

Save your calculation for future reference

Use the disk icon to save your calculation to your computer.  Use the Open icon to access this file at a later date.

how to design truck body 12

Congratulations!  You have completed your first truck body design calculation using TruckScience.

Please contact our Support team for any further assistance.  Email with a question, or to request a call back.

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