Center-Axle Drawbar Trailers

Center-Axle Drawbar Trailers

Center-Axle Drawbar Trailers 819 289 Sorcha O'Grady

The TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator now calculates axle weights and turning radius for center-axle drawbar trailers, attached to a straight truck by hitch.

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Semi, Center-axle drawbar, Full turntable drawbar

Center-Axle Drawbar Trailers

We have added the highly maneuverable center-axle drawbar trailer this month.  You will find this option in the trailer list when you’ve added a hitch.

Center-Axle Drawbar Trailers

A pig? A pup?

White puppy suckling a pig

A Center-axle drawbar trailer is referred to as a Pup trailer in some parts of the US, Canada and South Africa, and as a Pig trailer in Australia and New Zealand.  You might also know this combination as a ‘Drag and Tag’ in the UK and Ireland.  There are many terms in use in the industry, and even within the same company, it is common to find individuals using different terms.

Hitch Load

Center-Axle Drawbar Trailers Hitch Load

Where a hitch and center-axle drawbar trailer have been added to a rigid truck, we now display the weight that is transferred to the hitch on the drawing.

Lift Gate position

Center-Axle Drawbar Trailers Lift Gate

When a Lift Gate is added, we position it at the back of the body by default, but now allow you to change its position, moving it horizontally or vertically, to accommodate the rear door seal, handles, etc.

Full Screen mode

TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator Full Screen Mode

Browser tabs and ribbons sometimes take up valuable space that could be used by the app. To take advantage of all available screen space, you can toggle to Full Screen mode now.

Library Updates

We’ve added vehicles from Astra, Isuzu, Kenworth, Mercedes-Benz, Peterbilt, Powerstar and UD Trucks ranges, in response to requests from users in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  We’ve also added standard cranes, hooklifts, mixers and trailers, as well as a template passenger seat.  Users in our core markets can request items to be added to our library at no additional cost.

Dumping wizardry

A straight truck with pup trailer can be dumped without dropping the pup, saving time at dump sites. You can watch an amateur video of such wizardry here.


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Featured Image

The trailer in the feature image of this post is an SK 3100 Pony Pup Trailer, courtesy of Midland Trailers.

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