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Modifying Your Vehicle To Optimize Bridge
Modifying Your Vehicle To Optimize Bridge 1024 577 TruckScience

The addition of Pusher and Tag axles increases the load-carrying capacity of a truck, while remaining within axle limits for Bridge. Today’s webinar, ‘Calculating Axle Weights: Modifying Your Vehicle To Optimize Bridge’ covered the reasons for adding pusher and tag axles, as well as when and how to do so. It included a live demo…

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6x4 dump truck pusher axle tipper 8x4
Pusher and Tag Axle Weights
Pusher and Tag Axle Weights 1024 447 TruckScience

We’ve just made it easier to find the vehicles and bodies you’re looking for, and added a more detailed breakdown of axle weights when lift axles and trailers are added. Read on for more details on the latest update to our Axle Weight Calculator. Detailed View of Pushers and Tags We’ve added a ‘Chassis’ view,…

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Calculating Axle Weights: Gathering Your Info
Calculating Axle Weights: Gathering Your Info 1024 573 TruckScience

Before we can calculate axle weights, we need to gather weights, dimensions and center of gravity information for our truck, body and equipment. Yesterday’s webinar, “Calculating Axle Weights: Gathering Your Info”, covered the information required and how to find it. It included a live demo of the TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator, using Class 3 and…

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Axle Weight Calculations File Management and Sharing
Sharing & Folder Management
Sharing & Folder Management 1024 500 TruckScience

With the increasing volume of calculations being saved and shared in our Axle Weight Calculator, the time has come to make managing these calculations more straightforward. Managing Your Saved Calculations Now you can organize your saved calculation into folders, making large volumes of calculations easier to organize and find again later. The calculation description has…

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TruckScience at The Work Truck Show 2020
TruckScience at The Work Truck Show 2020 800 296 TruckScience

We’ve just finished up at The Work Truck Show in Indy for another year! And what a great week we had there.  We joined our partner, NTEA, on the NTEA Industry Resource Booth at the show.  It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with Association member users of our Axle Weight Calculator, as well as…

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Axles, Axles, Axles
Axles, Axles, Axles 1024 339 TruckScience

We have been receiving lots of requests to simplify the process of specifying curb weights when adding pusher and tag axles, and to show more bridge groups in the Bridge view. So this month’s release is all about the axles! Defining Weights and Axles We’ve combined the Weights and Axles tabs into one much more…

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Import your own bodies to calculate axle weights
Import your own bodies to calculate axle weights 780 361 TruckScience

Today’s release adds the ability to import drawings of your own bodies from dxf files, to take your printed reports to the next level. If you use CAD software (such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks) for design and drafting, now you can export 3D models to 2D drawings, then import them into your library in the…

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Best Technology Business Award 2019
Best Technology Business Award 2019 780 446 TruckScience

TruckScience was announced winner of the 2019 Best Technology Business Award at the Mayo Business Awards gala event in the McWilliam Park Hotel, Claremorris, on Friday 15th November! The Mayo Business Awards The Mayo Business Awards are a cross-community initiative supported by the Mayo Chambers and other local business organizations, with the backing of the…

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Chassis Dimensions – Your Way!
Chassis Dimensions – Your Way! 780 290 TruckScience

Now you can choose how you’d like to define vehicle dimensions in our Axle Weight Calculator. Specify Chassis Length as ‘Wheelbase (WB)’ or ‘Cab to Axles (CA/CT)’. And specify Cab Length as ‘Bumper to Back of Cab (BBC)’ or ‘Front Bumper to Front Axle (BA) + Front Axle to Back of Cab (AC)’. You can…

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Import AutoCAD .dxf drawing of truck equipment to calculate axle weights for work truck
Import your own equipment
Import your own equipment 780 290 TruckScience

Now, if a component you require is not in the library, you can import a DXF drawing, and the equipment or load item will be saved in your library, to be dropped into future calculations. Many of our Axle Weight Calculator users had been asking to import their own DXF drawings, to add equipment such…

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