Case Studies

Learn about how Serco Industries is tailoring trailer designs to customers’ needs, or how Curbtender is building a database for their entire product line…

Donavin Hawkey
Design Office Manager

“Most customers are payload-driven. The TruckScience program allows us to tailor our trailer designs to our customers’ needs. Previously, we were limited to standard trailers or standard rigids, but we have a lot more options to offer our customers now.”

Terry Shea Curbtender Inc

Terry Shea
Technical Specialist

“Almost every truck that leaves our yard is customized. I have been building a database for our entire product line, evaluating which axle weight ratings give optimal bridge load and axle capacity loads. We wouldn’t have considered doing this before we adopted the TruckScience tool.”

Ian Nicholson Built By Chill Icon

Ian Nicholson
Production Manager

“I can send realistic drawings to my clients on a report customised with our logo. They get all the information they need from this, and can be confident they’re getting the best outcome for the vehicle they’ve chosen.

Tom Feverston Testimonial

Tom Feverston
Demountable Director of Sales

“Stellar is a premium brand, and our distribution is also premium. Sharing our product specs with our distributors through the TruckScience program means they can do an accurate layout for every truck they sell. Customers know they are getting a product that will meet and exceed their needs with facts. This builds trust.”

Learn about how City of Calgary is using TruckScience to design units that meet all of the end user’s requirements, and how Barloworld is running vehicle simulations before completing costings…

Kyle Pankratz
Acquisition Specialist

“Adopting TruckScience has been a huge step forward for our team. We can ensure that the units we design meet all of the end user’s requirements for equipment and functionality. Sharing the reports greatly enhances communication with our Engineering colleagues.”

Adrian Van Tonder
Business Development

“I believe TruckScience to be one of the best decision analysis tools in the industry. We use TruckScience for absolutely everything we do.”

Learn about how Apex Equipment Sales is using TruckScience to put a really professional proposal on paper within minutes, or how it has helped Kranz of Kansas City achieve the requirements for the Ford QVM program…

Tim Gandolfo Apex Equipment

Tim Gandolfo
Director of Operations

“I can do a weight distribution calculation from start to finish in 20 minutes now. This is 6 times faster than what it used to take. The graphical representation is a game-changer, allowing me to perform sanity checks as I go.”

John DePeralta
Quality Control Inspector

“There is really no comparison between the TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator and other alternatives. We can upload an incredible amount of information, for more accurate final weight and center of gravity calculations.”

Mike Fenneman
Owner and General Manager

“Any truck that is built has the potential to be overweight, depending on how the customer uses it. It is very important to us that we can educate our customers on the potential for being overweight, recommend an optimal configuration, and get sign-off on their chosen design. Knowing that we are using an industry-standard tool, and that our load balancing calculations are correct and complete brings great peace of mind.”