Canadian Truck Weight Regulations

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We’ve added Canadian regulations to our Axle Weight Calculator. Now you can check if your truck’s weights comply with Heavy Truck Weight and Dimension Limits for Interprovincial Operations in Canada.

The weight limits are resulting from the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Memorandum of Understanding on Interprovincial Weights and Dimensions (Amendment 10: January 2019).

We have implemented a ‘beta’ version of the regulations, catering for weights only for now. We will add validation of dimensions in future, if user demand warrants this.

Control over your products

When you import your products into the app library, you can choose whether to save them in your Personal private library, in your Team library – for use by others in your organization -, or in the Public library, to make them available to all users of the app.

In response to user concerns, we have changed the default behaviour of items copied to the Public library. To keep you in control of your products, items published in the Public library may no longer be edited by other users.

That is, the drawing, description, weight and center of gravity of a product that you add to the Public library may no longer be edited by other users, and they may not save a copy to their own library. They may simply add the body or equipment to their own calculation and change its position. That is it.

The exception to this is when ‘Edit’ permission is explicitly granted by the user who added the item to the library, in consultation with TruckScience staff.

This is an important step towards giving you full fine-grained control over your library. In future, we hope to add a fourth silo to the library, an area where you can add products for approved upfitters, etc., allowing even more granular management of your products. We’d like to hear your feedback about this. Do you need this feature, and how would you like to see it work?

Useful Documents

We’ve added a ‘Useful Documents’ section to the Resources area of the app. Users in US and Canada will find Body Builder manuals in this section, users in Australia and New Zealand will see VSB6 documentation, users in South Africa will see licence fees, toll fees and a summary of the Traffic Act, and all users will find a reference document containing weights of commodities, from Acid to Zinc, and everything in between.

Let us know which other documents you would like to see added in here?


Every time we release an update, we aim to improve the general usability of the app. We’ve made the customized PDF report easier to find, by replacing the Preview icon in the toolbar with the more instantly recognizable PDF icon.

Webinar on Wednesday

Our next webinar, ‘Axle Weight Calculator Basics’, is scheduled for Wednesday 18 November at 11am Eastern (GMT-5). The webinar will explain, through a live demo, how to configure an optimal work truck using the TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator. Register to attend or receive a link to the recording here.

Big Truck Guide

We partnered with Big Truck Guide to add Canadian regulations. With a deep understanding of North American size and weight regulations, Big Truck Guide provides consulting services and publishes training materials and reference documents, all around the important topic of truck weight and dimensions compliance.

What next?

We love to hear your feedback about how our Axle Weight Calculator is benefiting your business. But what we value even more is when you tell us what it’s missing. Please pop open the chat, drop us an email or pick up the phone to tell us what else you’d like to see in the app, or how we can improve on what’s already there. No idea is too small!

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