Calculate Hitch Loadings on Trailers

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Our Axle Weight Calculator calculates hitch loadings, in order to calculate transfer of weight from the trailer to the vehicle.  While we do not currently display this value explicitly on the weight report, you can follow these steps to calculate hitch loading for your trailer design.  If you have not already done so, you can start using the Axle Weight Calculator by clicking on the GET STARTED button above..

Step 1: Open a Vehicle and add a hitch

Use the ‘New’ icon to open a new calculation
Within the vehicle selection wizard, Select Rigid > 4×2 > Generic Template > Cab-over

Now add a hitch:
Equipment (tab) > Add > Hitch (tab) > Hitch Conventional

For the purpose of this example, leave the weight of the hitch at the default value of 100 kg.

Calculate hitch loading - Note gross axle weights

Gross axle weights are highlighted in green in the table beneath the vehicle.

NB: Make a note of total gross weight on the vehicle axles:
Front Axle Weight = 2908.9 kg
Rear Axle Weight = 2011.1 kg
Displayed total = 4920 kg (Jot this down for later)

Step 2: Add trailer

Trailer 1 (tab) > Add > ‘Pup (Conventional) (1 Axle)’

Hitch Loading - Unladen trailer

Trailer chassis has been added. Subtract unladen vehicle weight from total axle weights to calculate hitch loading at this stage.

Note Gross weights on front and rear axle of vehicle:
Front Axle Weight = 2849 kg
Rear Axle Weight = 2191 kg
Manually calculate total = 2849 kg + 2191 kg = 5040 kg

Hitch loading of unladen trailer = 5040 kg – 4920 kg (noted in Step 1) = 120kg

Step 3: Add body to trailer

Before you can specify payload on the trailer, you first need to add a body to the trailer.

Still within the Trailer 1 tab…
Equipment (tab) > Add > Box/Van/Fridge
(For purpose of this example, leave body weight as default 1680 kg)

Hitch Loading - Add trailer body

Box body has been added to the trailer chassis. Gross weights have been updated on the fly.

Step 4: Add payload to trailer

Payload (tab) >
Acknowledge warning regarding adding body to vehicle before adding payload to the vehicle. You may still add payload to the trailer.

Calculate hitch loading - Add trailer payload

Use the Payload tab to specify the trailer payload.

Change ‘Payload Method’ from ‘Maximise’ to ‘Specify’
Specify a value in the ‘Payload’ field, e.g. 5000 kg

Hitch Loading - trailer payload added

Vehicle axle weights now include transfer of trailer, body and payload weight.

Step 5: Calculate hitch loading

Note Gross weights on front and rear axle of vehicle:
Front Axle Weight = 2715 kg
Rear Axle Weight = 2592 kg
Manually calculate total: 2715 kg + 2592 kg = 5307 kg

Hitch loading, including trailer, body and payload = 5307 kg – 4920 kg (vehicle only, noted in Step 1) = 387kg

We value your feedback

We are constantly adding features to the app.  Please get in touch if you would like to see hitch loadings displayed explicitly on the weight distribution report.

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