calculate Bogie Split

How to calculate Bogie Split

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Our Axle Weight Calculator calculates distribution of weight or mass over front and rear axles.  It will soon calculate the distribution of weight over each axle of a tandem bogie.

In the meantime, here’s how you can do it manually.

Note relevant measurements

To perform this calculation, you will need to identify:

  • Bogie Spread Dimension
  • Distance from Theoretical Wheelbase to Rear-most Axle
  • Gross Weight on the Tandem or ‘Bogie’ Axle

How to calculate bogie split

Calculate Bogie Split

Use these formulae to calculate distribution of weight over the tandem axles (or ‘bogie’):

Weight on Axle B:

(Theoretical Wheelbase to Rear-Most Axle / Bogie Spread) x Gross on Bogie

(817 / 1350) x 16500kg = 9985 kg

Weight on Axle C:

Gross on Bogie – Weight on Axle B

16500kg – 9985kg = 6515 kg

Coming Soon

This feature was requested by some users in Canada, and will soon be available within the app.  We are constantly adding features.  Please get in touch if you any ideas for improving the Axle Weight Calculator.

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