Share Calculations
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You can now share your TruckScience calculations with other salespeople, engineers, upfitters or customers.  And the good news is that you can share with anyone for whom you have an email address!  They do not need to have a subscription to TruckScience, and can be within or external to your organization. You’ve told us you…

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Swap Vehicles
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Here’s a quick look at what’s new in our Axle Weight Calculator app this month. Swap Vehicle When you’ve configured a vehicle with body, equipment and payload, you can swap out the vehicle chassis now, rather than having to start over.  Simply click on the Vehicle icon, then the Swap Vehicle icon and select another…

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Center-Axle Drawbar Trailers
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The TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator now calculates axle weights and turning radius for center-axle drawbar trailers, attached to a straight truck by hitch. Read on for more about this month’s new features, watch a short video about the app on the right of this page, or register for a free trial of our Axle Weight…

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Adding Pusher and Tag Axles
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With the latest release to the TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator, now you can add second steer, pusher and tag axles to your truck, and see their effect on axle weight distribution, bridge law, etc. Read on for more about adding axles, watch a short video about the app on the right of this page, or…

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Bridge Formula Weights Calculator
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The TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator now includes a Bridge Formula Weights Calculator.  To register for a free trial of the Axle Weight Calculator, click here now. Why Bridge Formula? Bridge Formula Law was enacted in order to protect highway bridges.  When it comes to bridges, axle spacing is as important as axle weight. The stress…

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TruckScience at MegaTrans 2018
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Tony Hodges, of Laws of Motion, will be demonstrating our Axle Weight Calculator at the MegaTrans 2018 show taking place in Melbourne from tomorrow. Approved Vehicle Examiner Tony is an Approved Vehicle Examiner (or Engineering Signatory), specialising in heavy and commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses and machinery. Approved Vehicle Examiners (AVEs) are used by the…

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Tea at the President’s House
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I was delighted to be invited to Áras an Uachataráin on Friday, to a reception to celebrate Female Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity and the Sustainable Economy.  Life is indeed full of surprises! So Presidential Áras an Uachataráin (or ‘The home of the President’) was completed in 1751 and has been the home of the Irish president since…

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Calculate Axle Weights with Full Turntable Drawbar Trailer
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Now you can use our Axle Weight Calculator to calculate axle weights and maximum payload for a straight truck with Full Trailer.  You might also know this as a rigid truck with Drawbar trailer, or even Dog trailer, if you’re in Australia. With the update to the app today, you can add a hitch to a…

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Calculate Axle Weights with Multiple Payload Items
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With the update we’ve released to our Axle Weight Calculator today, you can place multiple items of payload, or cargo, on your truck, and see their effect on axle weights. Detailed Payload This image shows a semi truck and trailer, with pallets of cement placed along the payload deck.  As with bodies and equipment, you can drag and…

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Truck Size and Weight Compliance Scorecard
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We’ve added a Size and Weight Compliance Scorecard to our Axle Weight Calculator this month.  Now, at a glance, you can see if your vehicle design complies with commercial vehicle size and weight laws. Compliance Scorecard In the animation above, watch how changing the body position or increasing the payload turns a tick to an…

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