Chassis Dimensions – Your Way!
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Now you can choose how you’d like to define vehicle dimensions in our Axle Weight Calculator. Specify Chassis Length as ‘Wheelbase (WB)’ or ‘Cab to Axles (CA/CT)’. And specify Cab Length as ‘Bumper to Back of Cab (BBC)’ or ‘Front Bumper to Front Axle (BA) + Front Axle to Back of Cab (AC)’. You can…

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Import AutoCAD .dxf drawing of truck equipment to calculate axle weights for work truck
Import your own equipment
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Now, if a component you require is not in the library, you can import a DXF drawing, and the equipment or load item will be saved in your library, to be dropped into future calculations. Many of our Axle Weight Calculator users had been asking to import their own DXF drawings, to add equipment such…

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TruckScience at Brisbane Truck Show 2019
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We’ve just returned from a very busy few days at The Brisbane Truck Show 2019.  Having partnered with Laws of Motion, to offer our cutting-edge Axle Weight Calculator solution to the Australian market, we were keen to get to the show, to meet truck salespeople, body builders, trailer manufacturers and transport operators from Australia and New…

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B-train Weight Distribution
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We’ve added the 2-trailer B-train, B-Double or ‘Interlink’ combination in today’s update to the Axle Weight Calculator. With B-Double combinations a common sight on Australian roads, this feature is just in time for our visit to the Brisbane Truck Show next week! A B-train combination consists of a truck tractor followed by 2 semi-trailers, each…

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TruckScience at Work Truck Show 2019
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TruckScience spent an invigorating week in Indianapolis at The Work Truck Show 2019. Having launched our partnership with NTEA, we were excited to get to the show, to meet – and more importantly – learn directly from NTEA members about what they need in a Weight Calculator. Weight Calculator Demos Top left: NTEA’s Weight Calculator.…

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Service Body
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Today’s update to the Axle Weight Calculator includes templates for service bodies, just in time for the Weight Calculator demos at The Work Truck Show next week! When a Service Body is added to your vehicle, you can specify Dimensions (Length, Height, Width of the body, and Depth of Left and Right Compartments, Longitudinal Frame Height and Crossmember Height), Spatial Position (Cab…

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TruckScience announces partnership with NTEA
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TruckScience has partnered with NTEA, to offer our innovative truck design software to members of the leading trade association for the industry in North America. NTEA Services Established in 1964, NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry represents more than 2,050 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck…

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tanker rollover
Lateral Center of Gravity
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The last piece of the Center of Gravity puzzle is in!  Up to now, you could calculate center of gravity points for Horizontal and Vertical CG.  Now you can calculate Lateral CG for your vehicle too. To view lateral center of gravity points, just open a combination of Top and CG views, as indicated on the…

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How to calculate axle weights
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In this short article, we explain the formulae for calculating axle weights, and take you through a simple example. Axle Weight Distribution Formulae To calculate distribution of weight on the front and rear axles of a truck, use these simple formulae: Let’s take an example Step 1: Determine the Wheelbase You will find this on the…

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Top View
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We’ve added a ‘Top View’ to our Axle Weight Calculator app this month.  Now you can see a bird’s-eye view when configuring vehicles, designing bodies, planning loads or reviewing Turning Radius. To toggle between Top View and Side View, click the Elevation icon on the right of the vehicle drawing. When adding vehicles, equipment, trailers…

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