So you'd like to calculate axle weights for a truck?

Configure the optimal vehicle for your customer's needs

Calculate axle weights for complete combinations – trucks, trailers, bodies, equipment and payload. Drag & drop components to see axle weights recalculated on the fly.

Demonstrate advanced technical information

Peace of mind built-in

With built-in manufacturer axle ratings and on-road limits for weights and dimensions, your design is checked as you go, giving you peace of mind that what you’re proposing is legal and won’t affect your customer’s warranty.

Demonstrate Payload Capacity

Automatically calculate the maximum payload your configuration can carry. Optimize your design to increase the payload. Position pre-configured load items, to distribute weight efficiently over the axles.

Maximise Payload with the Axle Weight Calculator

Get your customer's approval in writing

Export your design to a PDF document with your logo, and have it signed by all stakeholders. No surprises when the truck gets built! Submit this document to authorities to put your design on record.

No more searching for spec sheets

Choose from a comprehensive library of chassis specs, with technical data and drawings for all the big brands. The library responds to your needs – Just ask us to add your vehicles, bodies and equipment.

Wide range of configuration options

Choose a vehicle with up to 6 axles. Add a semi-trailer, full turntable or center-axle drawbar trailer. Add liftable pusher and tag axles. Select from unlimited body & equipment options, including Box, Curtain Side, Fold Down Sides, Flat Deck, Forestry, Livestock Carrier, Dump, Roll Off, Beavertail, Tanker, Garbage Truck, Hooklift, Crane, Truck-mounted Forklift, Fridge, Lift Gate, Toolbox, Snow Plow, Tailgate Spreader, Fuel tank, Fairing, Bullbar, Aeriel Platform or add your own designs.

Simple interface that works for you

The drawing responds to your clicks, and you can drag & drop to move things around. Weights and compliance indicators are color-coded and updated on the fly. The app works across multiple devices and browsers, and you can sign in with your existing accounts, including Google Apps and Active Directory.  Being online means that regular updates are automatically applied, you can share your work with colleagues, and reach out to us via live chat when you’re stuck. If you go offline to visit a customer, your calculations are still available.

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Try TruckScience for free

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